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Frequent Ask Questions



Question: When is the yearly enrolment commence?

Answer: Usually the term begins in Muharram and thereafter every quarter depends on enrolment.


Question: I’m not able to attend the whole year, am I able to attend only 6 months for an example?

Answer: Yes!


Question: Are the classes conducted only indoors?

Answer: Yes! In class rooms.


Question: Are they any outdoors activity?

Answer: Yes! Students can visit [ziarah] mosques and attend majlis at the various institution in Tarim or surrounding towns when there are no lessons.


Question: What are the educational background of the teachers?

Answer: All teachers are Arabic Language Experts graduated from Islamic Institution in Hadhramaut.


Question: Will the classes be conducted in English?

Answer: No. All in Arabic and then there will be assistant teachers to help with the beginners.


Question: Upon successful completion of the course, what school can my child go to next?

Answer: After graduation and qualify the student may wish to continue the Islamic studies in one of the renown Ribat School in Tarim like Rubat Tarim, Darul Mustafa or other similar Institutions.


Question: Is the school accepting both female and male students?

Answer: Yes, but they will have separate programmes


Question: I’m a non muslim. Am I able to attend this course?

Answer: Yes!


Security and Travel


Question: There is a war in Yemen based on news. Is it Safe?

Answer: The unrest is mainly in the North and sometimes in the south west regions.

Hadhramaut has been relatively safe and untouched by the so-called war.


Question: Is there security guard taking care of the school?

Answer: There is no Security Guard as Tarim is a peacefully town.


Question: Does my child have to make his own way to Yemen or there will be a group of students within the same region to go with?

Answer: There may be some travellers or officials travelling and the prospective students and be with them.


Welfare and Medical 


Question: If the student has allergies, are there hospitals there for medical treatment?

Answer: The local medical care is not great and we cannot recommend a student with a medical condition.


Question: How is the living environment?

Answer: See the website photographs


Question: Is there a guardian that will manage the student welfare?

Answer: The is a Hostel Warden / Disciplinary Master to supervise the students.


Question: What are the food type being served for daily meal.

Answer: Local Food.


Question: What is the daily attires there?

Answer: Shirt and pants or more comfortable attire would be sarong and shirt.


Question: Is there internet there?

Answer: Yes.


Question: How do family members get in touch with the student if they need to reach him?

Answer: By internet or telephone.


Question: Will the students have their own room or is it a dormitory shared amongst other students

Answer: It is dormitory style accommodations.


Question: Is there a weekend break?

Answer: Yes!


Question: Will my child be able to go out of the school for buying essentials or will it be provided?

Answer: Al Ghaana is located in central tarim and near the central market.


Question: What time do the student go to sleep?

Answer: There may be a lesson after Isha or a majlis to attend.

It is better for the student to sleep early as they will have to wake up early for fajr.


Question: My child is a handicap and on wheelchair, are we still able to send him there?

Answer: Al Ghaana cannot accept such students at the moment.


Question: My son is lactose intolerant, will the school be able to provide relevant meals for him?

Answer: No.

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